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Relationships/ Family/ Career/ Balance

Communication / Goals/ Change

Samantha (Sammie) Wade
Graduate Student Intern
Supervised by Betsabé Rubio

Sammie Wade is currently in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. She is passionate about helping couples and individuals work through life transitions, achieve personal goals, and thrive in healthy relationships. As a previous business owner and current mother of two, Sammie has a solid connection to motherhood with an affinity for helping women through life transitions to achieve a balanced lifestyle.


Her specific areas of interest include working with couples and individuals for premarital relationship strengthening, relationship issues, anxiety, depression (including postpartum depression/postpartum anxiety), and trauma recovery.


Contact: (210) 338-0543/

Availablity: By appointment


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