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Therapists/Counselors need your help!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

How do you take care of yourself as a therapist?

Have you been practicing for five years or more?

You have been invited to participate since you are part of a group specific to professionals in the mental health field. Because the quality of information depends on the participation rate, I very much hope you will respond.

I am Betsabé Rubio, a graduate student from St. Mary’s University. I am conducting a research study on how aspects of participants’ graduate training, specifically self-awareness experiences, can impact the career development of early career therapists who may or may not have received training on self-management and self-awareness. Training programs often offer students opportunities to explore ways to become more familiar with themselves, ranging from simple seminars or self-care-related coursework to more involved programs such as self of the therapist or person of the therapist.

The purpose of this study is to survey participants on their exposure to such activities through their training programs or other means for the exploration of self of the therapist or person of the therapist and evaluate if there is an effect on reported self-efficacy and self-awareness in their career.

All information acquired will remain anonymous, as no identifying information will be collected.

To participate in the study, use this link where you will find a consent form:

Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated, feel free to share with fellow clinicians!

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